Chimney Building & Repair

We build brick or stone chimneys. We usually install a stainless steel liner in the chimney to protect the masonry from the acidic residue of wood and oil gases. No need to tear down that older chimney—it can be retrofitted with a stainless steel liner. Even the clay liners can be removed. We also do masonry repairs on chimneys.

We install factory-built chimneys using the Excel Chimney from ICC. This chimney is excellent for new construction as well as a replacement chimney for that old Selkirk or Square A.

The best-working chimneys are built within the building envelope and emerge from the roof at or near the peak. We install Island Stone, usually the hand-carved red sandstone blocks that were used as foundation blocks under older homes. Each stone is a piece of history with its unique chisel marks.

We also install Cultured Stone & Brick if you are looking for something other than the local red sandstone.